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Alan Williams Before I Wake Up


Freshly released from the brand new album Currents, Alan Williams’ single Before I Wake Up hits with sublimely authentic emotions and classic pop-rock energy – introducing a thoughtful, talented and purposeful artist, and connecting for its realness in the same instance.

Featuring an initially simple arrangement of guitars, piano, bass and rhythm, later moving towards a bigger-band finish, Alan’s voice rides through the progression with fresh yet catchy melodic stylings, and rises beautifully towards the uplift and resolve of the chorus.

Loaded with imagery, scenes and personal anecdotes alike, Before I Wake Up manages to feel both deeply personal and broadly accessible. The result is a song that naturally feels like an ‘our song’ in waiting. Alan’s performance is faultless, versatile and emotive, raspy and quiet when necessary, through falsetto and passionate peaks for those brighter and more powerful shifts.

Crafting an original and effective love song that feels genuinely new is no easy feat these days. Alan Williams seems to have found the conceptual edge though, a slight twist in the fabric of familiar writing, built around a beautiful hit of escapism that consistently enchants and embraces its listeners.

Beautifully done, well worth a few streams this season and defiantly a strong choice to draw you in for the rest of the album.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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