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Age Of Wires We Are Here. No One Knows.


Poetically embracing the current state of living whilst continuing to adopt that nostalgic, dreamy and reverb-drenched arena rock sound of a simpler time, Age Of Wires immediately intrigue and connect, with this latest and deeply contemplative single We Are Here. No One Knows.

Always taking the issue of song titles seriously, Age Of Wires draw us in once again – a long-form introduction that appeals for its poetic distance and relatable desperation and lostness all at once.

As the opening verse begins, the lyrics further this provocative connection – you follow the relentless outpouring of this vocal through various thoughts, observations and possibilities, and meanwhile the music has a basic kind of minimalism about it; shoegaze guitars and mellow drums, warming bass.

Your focus is always on the voice, and so when it’s stripped back at the half-way mark, there’s a striking sense of calm and quiet to be found in the lingering instrumental.

Lyrically profound, also recognisable having heard the band’s previous work, We Are Here. No One Knows. sounds exactly how fans would expect and hope an Age Of Wires song to sound. That acoustic meets electric realm of organic playing and deeper musings on life and the self, the accessible, guy next door vocal lead; it all follows suit, maintains integrity. Once more though, we get a fresh set of ideas, and a powerful degree of awareness within the audio space – awareness of self, the words being sung, and the world around.

Great songwriting and performance, in short, kept simple for the greatest impact – the track is a feeling, presented with stylistic relevance to itself, and that rains down in an addictively poignant way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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