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Age Of Wires Accidental Heart To Heart


Taking listeners right to the centre of the arena-rock sound, shoegaze songwriters Age Of Wires blend pop-rock writing with the dreamy embrace of a reverb-soaked live sound, for this story and song that quickly connects.

Featuring short lines of melody that rise and subsequently fall accordingly, Accidental Heart To Heart presents equal parts familiarity and character. The leading voice is distantly mixed but offers identity regardless, and this proves increasingly true as the song evolves throughout a somewhat unexpectedly energetic three minutes forty-one.

By the half-way point we’re engulfed in cascading guitars, drums, voice and growing intensity. It lifts you up with suddenness, then lowers you back down for the freestyle electric guitar-play and further softness of verse melody; as we return to Earth, to contemplation.

Utilising juxtaposition surprisingly well given the echoing mix and jam-style guitar work, the song has presence and drives with an ultimately recognisable core. The switch from verse to hook is powerful, slightly chaotic and mildly at war with itself but in keeping with the changing energy of the concept in being so.

The lyrical story is mighty, interesting and relatable but presented in a fresh way. Age Of Wires have a sound and writing style of their own, and considering the authenticity of this organic arrangement, a live show is more than likely to connect on an even more compelling level.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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