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Adam Babson Outside Break


Introducing a near-six-minute, dreamy surf-rock debut from artist and songwriter Adam Babson, Outside Break unites poetic observations and images with the nostalgic swagger of eras past, and provides a hypnotic wave of escapism for music fans in the process.

Passionately crafted but also utilising moments of blissful calm for contrast and impact, Outside Break offers a multi-layered and colourful guitar soundscape, featuring well-placed instrumental breaks of sublime playing; notably focused on the mood and purpose of the track, rather than simply there to impress or showcase a guitarist at work.

The humility of the whole song is refreshing, actually, and Adam’s naturally characterful, ever-evolving vocal presence adds to this – a sort of calmly contemplative protagonist, rightfully connected to the words and the vibe at hand.

Taking listeners beach-side with fine layering and production that elevates the organic playing to a beautiful level, Outside Break makes good use of every moment – not with filler or falseness, but simply by letting it be; breathing space and gratitude into the room, and encouraging a sense of peace as the body calms and the mind wanders.

In addition to the general good energy of the track, songwriting stands tall in small yet memorable doses. Certain phrasings, melodic repeats, make sure to connect and linger, again providing essential contrast with the instrumental moments elsewhere.

All in all, a really well-crafted, enjoyable summer track, which hopefully marks the start of plenty more musical ventures to come from Adam Babson.

Download or stream Outside Break here. Check out Adam Babson on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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