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Acousticmaddie They Call Me Death (Feat. Gustaf Nilsson)


They Call Me Death is a single from the upcoming EP Porphyria, by Acousticmaddie. The song presents acoustic music in its rawest form, complete with the emotion and soul and grit that you generally only otherwise get from a live performance. Showcasing the simple yet beautiful arrangement of an acoustic guitar part and a meandering harmonica, the music is fairly minimalist, though the effect you get from it is something quite a lot bigger – this is partly due to the mood created by the ambiance, and partly due to the songwriting and the concept.

They Call Me Death features a mildly emotional and somewhat intimate vocal performance from Gustaf Nilsson. His voice appears as almost whispered in the distance, soaked in reverb and lingering in a fairly haunting way among the crisp and satisfying sound of the surrounding instruments. The placement of the voice within the mix seems to represent quite well this concept or the personification of death. This figure who hides in the darkness, just out of view yet close enough for its presence to be felt. The rhythm of the melody as well adds to this unsettling feeling – the repetition of this particular string of notes brings about a classic blues feel, the melancholy energy of a vintage genre presented in a fresh and interesting manner. The way this meets with the traditional folk essence is both smooth and stylish, it makes for something loaded with both nostalgia and originality.

The lyrics for the song offer up a notably poetic string of images, a story that is again not crisp or overly clear at first, slightly distant seeming, but that grabs your attention regardless. The more you listen, the more you take on. Certain lines really stand out and further that haunting feeling, I come to watch you die is a perfectly fitting example. The upcoming EP is likely to add extensively to this unique and provocative listening experience.

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