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Acousticmaddie The Lighthouse Guy


Acousticmaddie’s upcoming album is one that follows a specific story-line revealed track by track and layer by layer as the project progresses. Offering a teaser of what to expect, The Lighthouse Guy appears as an early single from the collection, and the lyrics lay out the preliminary details among a theatrically folk-like musical backdrop.

As with all of her music, this single is unpredictable and effectively unlike anything else around right now, but even with this – Maddie’s vocal delivery and the doubled tone is unique to her approach and lets you familiarise with the artist even among this entirely new plot and scene. Some of the lyrics get a little lost in the chaos and the effects the first time around, but for the most part this all adds to the resulting, unsettling aura.

Recognisability aside then, everything about this song showcases an immense level of thought and planning that has gone into the project. The soundtrack begins with a haunting, dramatic monologue of sorts, later followed by a dark folk musicality, a chord progression and melody that intrigues and mystifies. There’s a very specific riff running throughout the backdrop that adds a brilliant touch of musical swagger to the piece. The rising melody for what is essentially the hook also utilises contrast really well.

The spoken word snippets continue to appear throughout, the whole thing is a performance – a short piece of theatre. Every detail, as suggested, has been carefully incorporated. The song works well in holding your attention in itself, though it does draw from you a desire to know what else awaits – particularly during the final moments, the outro; the clearly heard turn around sailor, there’s no mercy in this town. The album in full is likely to play out like a movie would, complete with audio effects near and far, and an array of songwriting and musicianship that carries the underlying ideas in a rhythmic and compelling way.

Acousticmaddie is never one to fall victim to what’s expected of modern day creatives, and this release speaks even greater volumes for that sentiment. Everything about this indicates an unusual, original realm of thought and output, not to mention work ethic and considerate creativity. Well worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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