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Ace Lover All I Ever Wanted


The fusion of influences on this release is superb, or perhaps it is the freedom from such that allows Ace Lover to create and express himself in a new and greatly appealing way. There’s a definite sense of originality and character to this track and indeed to the accompanying video, which offers something fresh and strangely addictive for audiences to embrace.

The rhythm and overall backdrop to the piece has a fairly simplistic and even organic sound for the most part. The clap accompanying the beat, the retro keys, the gentle use of notes, the slightly haunting vocal melody playing out behind that which brings the lyrics – it all makes for a captivating and unexpectedly¬†emotional few minutes of listening. The artist’s leading voice has a classic and joyful tone and performance style, yet the lyricism presented brings something of a chaotic, frustrated, deeply human sentiment – an outpouring of ideas addressing a significant other, almost like an unapologetic diary entry. This touch of realness is incredibly personal, yet it’s approached in a way that welcomes you into the mix, that reaches out to you as a listener, and in many cases the lyrics or certain lines connect with you specifically, with your own experiences.

As a soundscape, the minimalist beauty of the peace brings that essential joy, as mentioned, and yet from an artistic perspective there is so much more to the release and indeed to the character that comes through in the video. It’s brilliantly entertaining, in a new and interesting way; one which softly screams individuality and a creatively free desire to express. The New York based artist has a lot to offer, and when we’re faced with a mainstream arena of over-produced songs that are all too often written in a formulaic, piece-by-piece manner, by means of a long line of writers, Ace Lover is precisely the kind of alternative option music fans need.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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