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3lation H.W.D (Feat. Artifice, The Visionary)


Organic guitar rhythms and increasingly euphoric production tones unite for this newly collaborative take on contemporary hip hop.

Featuring an immediately smooth, catchy hook section of modern rap and melodic overtones, H.W.D soon brings in a relentlessly fast-paced rap verse, and proceeds to maintain a worthy dynamic between Artifice, The Visionary and 3lation.

Memorable songwriting and interesting production are the initial strengths of H.W.D, but ultimately the bars inject a clear sense of energy and purpose that effectively raises the song’s presence further still.

Structurally as unexpected as the set-up and writing, H.W.D features an immersive, hypnotic middle-8 section, within which every sample and voice unites and collides for a chaotic downward spinal into the final, near-EDM-style drop for that closing groove. The ending moments keep those qualities at the forefront, and here the guitar-work is particularly engaging, impressive, and pays tribute to an additional few genres on its pathway towards rounding things up.

Soul-rock and hip hop intertwined, great writing, bold performances – H.W.D no doubt showcases the best of the abilities of all involved.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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