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308 GHOST TRAIN 21 Guns and A Million Tears


308 Ghost Train fuse classic rock with hints of a world-music inspired aura on this single. While the sound has a nostalgic and fairly recognizable vibe, the story-line captivates well among this – the details are what help make it a memorable and worthy new song; easy to listen to a few times over thanks to the energizing manner in which the soundscape and performances gradually gather momentum.

While the song takes its time to set the scene, to lay out the details of the story and to build, this proves to be an essential part of the process. The drop to the hook is superb – a huge moment, both melodically and in terms of the lyrical resolve. Following this moment, the melody of the verses has a little more energy and familiarity to it – even leaning slightly towards the likes of 4 Non Blondes in some ways. That classic pop-rock aura stands tall throughout, and the way the band have structured this release undoubtedly pays tribute to the finer hits of yesteryear.

Conceptually and musically 308 Ghost Train have aimed high and hit the mark with this release. 21 Guns and a Million Tears leaves you with a feeling that something of depth has been delivered. There’s an Americana twang to the vocal style and indeed to many of the track’s instrumental layers, and this helps keep the sadness of the song at bay as the musical warmth surrounds you. A great song, powerful and skillfully, passionately crafted.

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Rebecca Cullen

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