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Candlebox Live at The Neptune


Reuniting original members for one night only, renowned Seattle band Candlebox captured a live performance from The Neptune, which transcends the usual album experience, and it’s a dream to escape into for a while.

Featuring hits from the band’s self-titled debut album and their sophomore project Lucy, Live at The Neptune lights up the room from the moment Cover Me begins to gather passionate momentum.

Slowly but surely these layers of soul rock and Americana songwriting unite and immerse listeners, complete with the raw, unedited touches of audience support and participation, to really take you to the center of the music.

Bringing together original members Kevin Martin, Peter Klett, Bardi Martin and Scott Mercado, Live at The Neptune showcases the very best of Candlebox as both songwriters and live musicians.

Ten original songs make up the set-list and album, the likes of Blossom and Blinders igniting a sense of power and evocative depth through anthemic layering and mighty choruses. Intertwined amidst this are slick solos, stylish bends and a fine balance between melancholic and hopeful twists of contemplation.

A Stone’s Throw Away naturally raises the mood, connecting for its humanity and longing, its soft-rock accessibility. Then we get the more stripped-back purity of He Calls Home, compelling listeners for its contrast with the surrounding fullness. The vocals and acoustic intimacy aim high and hit the mark with faultless emotion and grit.

An unmistakable Change is also a clear audience favourite, recognizable and fiercely engaging instrumentally. Then we return to country brightness for the inspiring and unifying It’s Alright – followed by the equally blissful Sometimes. In every setting, whatever the pace or mood, Candlebox master the space with precision and authenticity.

At the penultimate moment, You picks up the intensity and underlines the fast-fingered playing and oneness of the band, whilst again delivering a clear gem for audience involvement. After this, Far Behind wraps up the show with soulful purpose, evolving from calm contemplation to the ferocity and rasp of an explosive final third.

Reflecting on the evening’s show, lead singer Kevin Martin said – “That was such an amazing night for us to share with our fans. We’re so stoked with how great this recording turned out. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!”

Pre-order the Vinyl for Live at The Neptune here. Find Candlebox on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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