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100DAYS Flowers Grow


Arena-ready anthems both from the heart and from a place of outright musical prowess often make for some of the biggest hits. Or more simply put, offer the greatest choice of escapism for music fans across genres.

On that note, we return to the wonderful 100DAYS – an act crafting anthemic pop-rock brilliance, fusing layers of piano and rock guitars across soaring soundscapes with catchy, poetic songwriting intertwined.

Flowers Grow is their latest work, and it feels like a nostalgic hit with the perfect contrast between lower-toned verses and a bright, uplifting hook.

Achieving balance is key, and it shines throughout many aspects of Flowers Grow – between the depth of the concept and the lightness and familiarity of the melody, between the quiet moments and those that reach near-euphoric peaks, and indeed between the mainstream feel and the clearly independent or underground edge of character.

Always an impressive band but perhaps onto a timeless winner with Flowers Grow, 100DAYS are a band who gift listeners a sense of heart and musical precision united. Well-worth knowing about.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

One response to “100DAYS – Flowers Grow

  1. Love this band.
    Simple Minds meets The Killers is how I would describe them to a first listener.
    Nice guitar, soaring vocals over a tight rhythm section.
    There is also a lush ambience to the music that is unique to 100 Days.

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