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100DAYS Blue


Introducing a gorgeously soulful, immersive and reverb-kissed realm of soft rock contemplation, Seattle’s 100DAYS ignite a sense of unity and calm, with the wonderfully poetic, hypnotic and soothing tones of an aptly colourful Blue.

Contrasting the melancholic implications of its title with a reminder that blue is the lightness of the sky, the vastness of the ocean, and so much more that seeks to elevate our days and prompt appreciation for the moment, the single delivers dreamy guitar-play, delicate yet increasingly passionate vocals, and lyrics that are quick to connect.

During dark times, it’s refreshing and in fact exhilarating to delve into a finely-crafted bit of music and songwriting, which offers precisely the optimism and escapism that great music should. Enter 100DAYS, with a focus on positivity of topic, and vastness of sound that’s naturally catered towards arenas and festival stages across the board.

Seattle, similarly to much of the UK, welcomes a largely overcast seasonal state, which can sometimes overwhelm and even deflate the masses. 100DAYS combat the grey, redesign the sound of a simpler era, and weave in uplifting, bright and beautiful melodies and sentiments in the same instance.

The result is a timeless, nostalgic, comforting and inspiring hit of warmth – the sort that’s increasingly valuable right about now.

Download Blue via Apple. Check out 100DAYS on Facebook, Instagram & their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. I absolutely love these songs. So refreshing. I could not agree more with comments above about the references of influence. As well. Roland Orzabal’s solo stuff rings true here. I can’t wait to hear more here. Very tight band!

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