That’s the beauty of creative, passionately composed instrumental music – there’s very little guidance other than the feelings the music gives you or the memories it ignites. With Everlasting, it’s likely that the music will take certain listeners to equally specific yet individually unique places. A wonderful album, absolutely worth the time it takes to let it play.


Always one to bend and even break the rules in music, Like Lions pushes through the confines of genre and style, leading with a concept and an inherent desire to craft something unique and meaningful. U Got Me makes for a strong testament to precisely these qualities.


Subtle but effective is the best way, so these scattered echos and riffs, the space, the calm presentation of swagger – all of this feels relatable yet fresh, inspired by the greats yet not overly influenced or affected by them.


1985 is a digitally vibrant collection of songs rightfully inspired by the time offered in its title. The artist Us3r, AKA Kristian, has comprised the project with a certain electronic aura, but within this is an impressive display of songwriting that consistently offers something fresh and new to explore. 

EDMElectronic RockElectronica

This EP is insane – every song is an epic anthem of classic rock, but it’s also never quite as you’d expect. Strangely Alright aren’t afraid to fill the moment with creativity & unpredictable instrumentation. A brilliantly well presented, uplifting collection that marks a huge moment in the band’s journey. 

RockRock & Roll

You can really lose yourself in this album as a playlist, the music is thick & loud & lets you escape reality, but at the same time – the songs deal with issues of the heart; things that matter, things that affect people.

Progressive RockRock

The album explodes onto the scene with infectious, energizing guitars & drums, supported & guided by a leading vocalist who was surely born to be in a rock band.