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The Refusers Eat The Bugs


Fiercely distorted melodies strike up a nostalgic rock vibe as uniquely recognisable alternatives The Refusers light up their latest take on modern life and music.

Inspired by the WEF’s information on why we need to give insects the role they deserve in our food systems, Eat The Bugs is a contemporary punk-rock parody, devoted to questioning the recent global discussions around this issue.

As is the creative way of The Refusers, each new song delves into an unexpected, lesser musically represented topic, and does so in a way that magically ignites a sense of passion in the listener; a sudden feeling of this being a crucial and worthy fight.

It’s a fun song, no doubt – the lyrics and the visuals unite to make it so, and ultimately the title and hook resound and repeat to linger after listening. Simplicity is key, but as ever there’s a complexity underneath that the band cleverly prompt you to consider.

Featuring solid guitar work and infectious rising riffs, alongside spacious verses that draw focus to this theatrical vocal lead, which seems born to perform in this way, Eat The Bugs is everything the intrigue of its title promises. It’s also a timeless rock anthem – the tune and concept of which undoubtedly stick around once the music has ended.

As per the suggestive nature of their name, The Refusers create from a place of revolution against the establishment. They utilise sarcasm and topical outrage to form essentially punk-rock antidotes to current mainstream flavours, and the results come in the form of catchy rock hits like Eat The Bugs.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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