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Allo.B Possessed


Devotedly introspective Dark Pop with delicate vocal reflections and industrial rhythms, alongside haunting layers of distant Gospel voices and aptly church-like audio effects. Berlin-based artist Allo.B depicts a sense of creative depth undeterred by industry expectation or rule.

From the 2024 EP .Guide me, Int(o)uition, Possessed introduces the Allo.B style in a way that intrigues and energises, presenting both a lyrical and performative vulnerability, as well as a creative thread of design and production that rightfully reinforces the changing emotions of the writing.

There’s a cinematic power to the arrangement, and a rising degree of passion to the vocal lead and this repeating sentiment of being Possessed. Elsewhere contrast is carefully utilised, with gentle piano and nearly whispered verses first imparting a level of uncertainty and poetic lostness as we ride towards the dark intensity of the hook.

Throughout the three-track EP, Allo.B’s voice remains an unmistakable beacon of identity in both lyric and tone. There’s a theatrical vastness to the collection, but also an undeniable set of roots that hold tight to the conceptual journey at hand. As such, Allo.B genuinely takes listeners somewhere new, somewhere both intimate and unlimited in its view of the self and the world at large.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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