This classic rock set up is rewarded with a big message and a big title: Love Never Fails. A simple, effective and memorable melody, initially picked out by guitar at the top of the track, is pinned down by the vocal through the chorus, while smart chord changes do all the heavy lifting – creating … Continued


Skilfully compressed so that it’s pulsing, thumping and breathing, the mix of Right Direction is an ultra-modern triumph, with a streamlined focus: a driving thrust that carries the listener right through to the track’s sudden denouement.

EDMPopPop Dance

Utilising a unique keyboard voice throughout that sounds simultaneously spooky and as if it has been recorded/created underwater, On Ya Mark is a smart and fast-moving slice of savvy pop.


Fast Paced & Freakish rattles along and has a real confidence and swagger in its delivery, and it really delivers. In Erin’s vocal we get a convincing, accomplish, tuneful and connected performance that lies at the heart of the song, also utilising multiple layered vocals in the chorus to hammer the points home.

Indie RockRock