H.I.O.B - Roahr - Stereo Stickman

H.I.O.B Roahr


Hard-hitting Techno at a riding tempo of 148, surrounded by brief melodic bass and key progressions that subtly introduce a mood and sense of movement – H.I.O.B offers up the detailed and euphoric new track Roahr.

Releasing through indie music label BETA-TIME, Roahr delivers the professional mastering and musical intricacies of boldly immersive Techno, whilst effectively blurring the lines between genres and timescales within the broader electronic dance realm. As such, the pace and presence of Roahr is heavily engaging, energizing, and rightfully addictive to let play at volume.

Backed by a swiftly expanding repertoire of beats uniting the nostalgic weight of Techno with the modern creative freedom of production and design, H.I.O.B maintains a true connection to the genre and art-form – approaching things from a clearly established perspective of both precise creative and avid fan. The result is an explosive Techno sound that kicks up the pulse and pace of the room with its fine balancing of the intense and the ethereal.

BETA-TIME Records are based in Berlin, Germany, and bring forth a plethora of creative music resources from mixing and mastering to logo and artwork design, promotion, marketing, distribution and even artist management.

Stream and pre-order Roarh via Beatport, follow H.I.O.B on Facebook or visit the Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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