Wood - "This was a project solely for me & my kids. I have given up on 'making it' & wanted to write something my family would enjoy." - Stereo Stickman

Wood “This was a project solely for me & my kids. I have given up on ‘making it’ & wanted to write something my family would enjoy.”


Another brand new album and a complete shift in style and perspective – songwriter and artist Wood kindly took part in an interview to catch up after the release of Be A Light. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey – great to catch up! How are you, and how have things changed for you as an artist since the last project?

Since the last project, my father passed away and I’m about to be a father of a 3rd little girl. I have grown more with my faith and have tried to be a better person as well as a better father.

Sorry to hear about your father. Huge congratulations for the birth of your daughter though, such lovely news.

Tell us about Be A Light – what does it mean for you, and what do you hope people feel when listening?

For me, this album was written for my daughters. I wanted to pass down music that I knew they could look back on forever. I’ve changed as well as my style and music. I wanted to show in this album a softer and more serious side. I hope when people listen to this album, that it connects them with reality and with what is most important in their life, for me that was family and faith.

Cold is a catchy opener, raw and somewhat live sounding with a clear indie vibe to that doubled vocal sound and resolve. Why does this one make for the perfect introduction to Be A Light?

Cold was a perfect introductory song because it starts with the sin and redemption. We all make bad choices from time to time, and we all have a way out. I also thought this song musically sets the tone of what is to come and the style to expect.

“I hope when people listen to this album, that it connects them with reality and with what is most important in their life, for me that was family and faith.”

The song My Children stands out for its calm and contemplative sense of gratitude and intimacy. Where in the album process did this one emerge, and how is it recording a personal song like this when compared to a more energetic one?

Each song was written and recorded in the order it appears on the album. This song is a present state of reflection and hope. A time capsule of this stage in our lives. Writing a song for my children, to let them know I love them and that they are a blessing, was emotional and encapsulating.

Recording a personal song vs a more energetic song is about matching the feel of the project for me. I put myself into the song and the mood/feeling and portray that in every aspect.

Does the title-track encapsulate the project at all, and what made you put this as the closing song?

Be A Light does sum up the album. I’m speaking to my children and myself. Keeping things in perspective and to live everyday as if it could be your last. I want to be a good example for my kids and for others, so trying to be a light each and everyday as an example for my kids to see is the goal.

Which song do you personally think is the most mainstream accessible or likely to appeal to the most people within today’s scene, and why?

I think the most mainstream songs are Let’s Make this Love Grow, A Beautiful Day, and Lets Go Brandon. The first two songs are beautiful and positive. I think they have a hopeful, happy feel and people need that these days.

Lets Go Brandon is an unapologetic look into the political abyss. As a Christian/conservative my politics shine through on LGB, and many people are looking for real honesty these days. I don’t see myself being political in this song, just honest.

Live and Learn might be my favourite song on the album, longer than most, but man I connect with it.

Last time we spoke you talked about music connecting people. Given the shift in style for this project, did you want to connect with a different audience, or different emotions, or was it more of a personal choice than audience-focused?

I used to make my music with the audience as one of the main factors, but in this project, it was not something I thought about at all. This was a project solely for me and my kids. With little to no success coming from past albums, I have given up on “making it” and wanted to write something my family would enjoy, but I wanted to show something more stripped down and intimate.

In 2020 you mentioned that it could take 2 years or so to get a full band together. Is that something we can look forward to now at live shows?

With God and family as my focus, I don’t believe I’ll be doing too many live shows, if any. A lot would have to change to make that happen. I work to provide, and with 3 kids, taking time out to rehearse and play would keep me from them. If I could make a living at this music thing, then sure, but that isn’t in the cards at the moment. The dream for now is to be a songwriter, sell my songs or write for a living.

What’s been the main thing you’ve taken away from the past few years of lock-downs and uncertainty – are you more driven now, or more apprehensive?

I’m more driven. Everyone is consumed with fear, and its all a farce. People will make their own hell. I choose to live with hope for me and my family. My music speaks for itself and you will find songs like “Live my Life” that explains my outlook. “A Beautiful Day” shows this outlook as well. I want my kids to be strong minded and not to fall for every fake news story and to not embrace fear propaganda. Life is worth living, and taking risks, but mostly about following Gods path for you.

“Everyone is consumed with fear, and its all a farce. People will make their own hell. I choose to live with hope for me and my family.”

What will you be doing to promote this album or to get it to the people who will most strongly connect with it?

I will be releasing a lot of music videos. First one is Live and Learn.

I am not on any social media besides Gab and the Beartarian Times App. I don’t personally want to support companies that censor free speech or completely work against my interests and beliefs. I’ll promote it locally with friends and family and share on my apps.

Trying to sell my music isn’t a focus, I’m comfortable with the obscurity my music lives in. I’ve tried to market and push, but I don’t feel the need to anymore. I’ll share it with likeminded individuals and what happens will happen.

What’s the best thing fans can do to help?

Fans of my music can help by purchasing the album, streaming it, or watching the videos. Like, Share and Follow. All links are below. I love talking about the music and engaging with fans.

What keeps you creative?

I have a passion for music. My father and uncle gave me the love for music and I can’t imagine not creating. God gives me ideas and I want to let people hear what is in my head. I want to be an example for my girls, so what better way to leave a little of me behind one day.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Let God be your guide, focusing on him will steer you in the right path. Sometimes the path we want, isn’t the path we are given, and understanding that we might have a purpose different from our expectations, isn’t bad. Everything happens for a reason and we are all where we are supposed to be right now. Never give up and Be a Light.

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