Thamatic - "We look forward to not worrying about what mainstream radio wants." - Stereo Stickman

Thamatic “We look forward to not worrying about what mainstream radio wants.”


Following the release of their superb new single Spacesuit, and prior to the launch of their latest album The Final Album,we caught an interview with alternative creatives Thamatic to find out more about their journey, what inspires them, and their hopes for the future. Here’s how it went.

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Hey – thanks for the interview, and congrats on the new single. What can you tell us about Spacesuit?

This is our best produced electronic song yet. It’s the kind of song that fits in anywhere such as being played at a party, club or even blasting in the middle of downtown Chicago; which we had to do for the music video.

Speaking of the music video, we’re really proud of it. Even the radio DJ’s have commented on it lol. Shoutout to Eric Mueller Visuals for pulling off the movement and cinematography. He went above and beyond the call of duty and it shows.

With Spacesuit, Thamatic dives into a new story-line that deals with the conflicting elements of man, technology and gods before and in future time. In other words, Spacesuit kicks off a new universe. Thamatic songs that fit in lyrically and sonically will be a part of this story-line.

How many people were involved in the making and finalising of the release?

A lot of people actually. It’s become a big team of creative people as well as promoters, street teams and analysts. The song was written by Mike originally as part of his solo album, Park Ridge. John and I were huge fans of it. It was a different sounding song. We also have an awesome rock version of Spacesuit which we’d like to record someday. The electronic instruments went through a lot of processing demo by demo. Finally, we took our time messing with the delay of many lyrics on the vocals. A great example is the line “super sonic sounds, sounds, sounds, sounds.”

How does the songwriting process for a track like this begin, and how do you know when it’s finished and ready to be shared?

Spacesuit was written during Mike’s branch off into electronic music. After the break up of Chicago staple Funk Punk outfit Gnar Wave Rangers this was one of the first songs Mike wrote under his new persona & character New Michael. It was written by layering synth pads and looping drums…then singing over them by allowing whatever came to mind first be it the ideal melody or lyrics. We decided it would be a good fit for Thamatic and built more synth pads and bass into the song, eventually bringing it to Blue to perfect the track and add the magic touch.

What would a live show from Thamatic be like?

There would be a lot of practical effects like flames, lasers, colored smoke and art. At the moment, we have a really cool electronic live show without losing the tones and grit from real guitars, drums and bass.

Additionally, we like giving away free stuff at our shows like candy, merch and, a fan favourite, edm masks and glasses to people who get close to the stage. In the future, we’re working with staging professionals to have a choreographed light show and digital signage.

What are your main hopes creatively throughout the rest of 2019?

Keep writing new songs, make experimental progressive rock music and then start filming the sitcom. We enjoy the element of simplicity but we’re looking to really play out. Thamatic has incredible musicians who can really play their instruments and we look forward to not worrying about what mainstream radio wants.

One of the more exciting goals is to launch the tv show which we’d like to pitch to Netflix or Amazon Studios. The Park Ridge music video will begin the story of the band who doesn’t make it. It’ll be like Mad Men meets Atlanta. It follows characters based on our lives who are on the verge of making it as a rock band with all the highs and lows that come with it.

If you could collaborate with anyone at all, past or present, who would you choose – and why?

John: Either Chelsea Wolfe or Emma Ruth Rundle. Our rock sounds and Mike working with a female vocalist may turn out to be something really cool like Pucifer.

Mike: Joe Keery of Djo, hands down. Best rock n roll I’ve heard in a long time. We’d love to make a ska song with him.

Matt: It’s 21 Savage and Scarlxrd all the way. An entire album of 21 Savage collab songs, laughs.

How did you come to work with the one and only Sean O’Keefe, and what was that process like?

Mike: The Take This To Your Grave album meant a lot to us coming out of Middle School and for years to come. Oddly Mike was listening to Hawthorne’s The Silence in Black and White on repeat last summer…couldn’t stop him from playing Ohio Is For Lovers on repeat driving to band practice or studio time. So yea…Mike totally freaked out when he found out Matt got a hold of Sean through a random DM on Instagram. It was a dream come true working with him.

Matt: Working with him in the studio was incredible. He added a lot of ideas to Dream Lights and California Attitude. I also discovered and now love his former band, This Is Me Smiling. Highly recommend the song Prettier by them.

What’s something about Thamatic that most people don’t know?

John: We’re a rock band.


A lot of people know us for EDM and electronic.

What’s next for you?

Music videos and scheduling the helicopter shoot for the After School music video. We’re also planning the music videos and release schedule for two heavy hitting rock songs; Carpel Tunnel and Mr. Bones.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you so much to everyone who is enjoying this new genre of sounds. We appreciate all the love on our Spacesuit music video as well. Say hello to us on Instagram @thamaticmusic.

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