LowKi3 - "I make music for people who feel lost or broken. I’m here to remind you that you aren’t alone." - Stereo Stickman

LowKi3 “I make music for people who feel lost or broken. I’m here to remind you that you aren’t alone.”


Armed with the brand new single Pyro, on top of 2023’s full-length album Night Stalker, we caught an interview with songwriter and artist LowKi3, to find out more about the music, what inspired his style, what his hopes are moving forward, and plenty more. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Lowki3 – excited to talk music with you, thanks for the chat. To introduce things, who or what first inspired you to make original music, and how would you describe your style?

I’ve always had an intense passion for music and the arts, as a child I was always surrounded with music around the house. I found music to be an outlet for me to express true emotion and as a way to overcome challenges and let go of emotion I may be holding on to, a way to get things off my chest.

I describe my style as “midnight music” – songs you listen to that give you raw emotion, just like the feeling you get when it’s 1 or 2am and suddenly you just don’t care, there is no filter – everything you speak comes from the heart and soul. It’s relatable, everybody has those raw emotions. I make music for anyone and everyone.

You’ve got a handful of albums, EPs and singles available online. How do you balance a passion for the process with the work ethic to constantly create music at a high quality?

I’m 100 percent myself, making music is something I’ve always loved doing and when I met UriahJayy he helped to level my sound up and help create a lot of the songs I release today. Along with meeting Uriah came the ability to work with another artist and learn new perspectives on how artists create music.

“At the end of the day, I have nothing but the upmost love and respect for producers and engineers, the people who help really bring a vision together.”

Outside of the latest single Pyro, which track from your repertoire would you recommend first to new listeners, and why?

I would have to recommend songs like Wasted or Confessions To The Moon that show versatility as well as unique differences in lyrics. As for features, songs like Hold You Down Ft. UriahJayy or Losing Patience Ft. UriahJayy remind me of early 2000’s songs and hold a special place on personal playlists for myself.

The latest release Pyro is quick to catch attention. Smooth production and an earworm of a hook, poetic images for the lyrics. How did this one come to be, and what inspired the change in vocal style and simple production when compared to your recent album Night Stalker?

Raw emotion and the versatility to switch things up and experiment brought Pyro to life. It’s a song of trapped love that flares so bright it turns damaging, the feeling of holding on knowing you need to let go. The change from the more dark sound of Night Stalker came about to show and embrace a new chapter in my creative journey.

What was the Night Stalker album all about, and what was the process like in producing a full-length album for you as a modern creative?

Night Stalker is a story of broken romance and confusion on how to move forward when all you want is to move backwards. The process involved tapping into a lot of old emotions and thought processes of darker times in my life and recall moments in failed attempts of love.

Having an artist like UriahJayy made this process easier when it came time to record the songs, expressing that the topics are relatable and meaningful from an outside perspective. These aspects are important in all my songs because I don’t make music for just myself, I make music for everyone to relate to – as well as to remind people they aren’t alone in their battles.

Is there anything else we should know?

There is a lot more music and future videos on the way as well as features. I make music for people who feel lost or broken as well as alone and I’m here to remind you that you aren’t alone, I hope to create a positive impact on the people who listen and follow the journey.

My only active social media is Instagram (@ki3_low)  for those who want to see a more long term in depth look at who I am. I appreciate everyone who supports my music and content, it’s all love from the bottom to the top of my heart.

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