L30N5 - "Talent without hard work is nothing." - Stereo Stickman

L30N5 “Talent without hard work is nothing.”


Backed by a string of hard-hitting EDM releases and sporting a creative redirection for his latest track Legends, youthful producer and artist L30N5 stopped by to talk all things music production and more. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Leon, great to chat again – how has the new year been treating you?

This year is treating me very well. I found new inspiration and ideas and I am looking forward to a few new songs coming this year.

Tell us about the latest single Legends, what inspired it, and why did you feel like now was the right time for this one?

I always wanted to do a hardstyle track so I gave it a shot and that is basically how this song was created.

What are the main ways in which the creative production process differs with a track of this genre, when compared to your previous efforts?

I do not have different ways of production when its comes to different genres. I always start with the main melody and after that I will arrange the rest of the song. The production was the same as usual but with an other style of music. I was super fun to produce it.

Have you noticed much of a difference in audience reaction?

When it comes to EDM a lot of my friends listen to hardstyle music, so the feedback was overall very positive. Also the people on Spotify seem to like it too.

Has your artistic route or your plans as an artist been derailed at all, or perhaps improved somehow, by the past two years of lock-downs and global uncertainty?

The lockdown did not effect me very much but in the last few months I gained some knowledge and motivation. Therefore new songs are already in the pipeline.

Last time we spoke you talked of the importance of work ethic in unison with talent. You’ve since more than lived up to this on the release front. In what ways has your commitment to music changed your life for the better?

Talent without hard work is nothing. You always have to improve yourself and strive to get better. It is not always easy to produce music especially when you do not achieve the goals you aimed for. But if you push yourself through all these doubts you can only get better. So don’t give up and always give 110%.

What are your plans moving forward throughout this year?

My plans are improving myself production wise and produce music I love and having fun while doing it: 🙂

What’s the single best thing that could happen for you as a producer in 2022?

The best thing that could possibly happen would be a label deal so more people can listen to my music.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

That only you can set you free and hard work always pays off.

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