Kings Of Carlisle - "Independent artists work hard, they don't always have access to the greatest equipment & players, yet they're out there playing & writing for the love of their art. Even the Beatles were independent at one time." - Stereo Stickman

Kings Of Carlisle “Independent artists work hard, they don’t always have access to the greatest equipment & players, yet they’re out there playing & writing for the love of their art. Even the Beatles were independent at one time.”


Geared and ready to release their latest project Slow Down, we caught up with indie creatives Kings Of Carlisle, to find out more about the sound, how the music world has been treating them throughout this past year, and what they have in store for the next few months. Here’s how it went.

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Hi Russell – great to catch up with you, how has 2023 treated Kings of Carlisle so far?

Fantastic – what a beautiful year. Even during difficult moments, because we are alive, creating music and pushing forward into the future with great anticipation.

For those new to your music, how long have you been playing and writing songs, and who or what first inspired you to start?

I started playing music in the fourth grade and was just captivated by the sounds the instruments could produce. I actually started playing the trumpet and then the piano. The first songs I started writing when  I was 14 years old. I had a great mentor who happened to be the church music director. She really helped my in my vocal development and understanding of how music can inspire and move people emotionally.

Tell us about the upcoming release – what does Slow Down represent both musically and in terms of the concept and story within?

So excited to release Slow Down the title of the new track. Musically it has a disco rhythm mixed with electronic sounds and some simple but effective vocal harmony. Loved writing this song the blend of sounds from two different times really got me excited when I was mixing and mastering. The lyrics are fun.  Someone chasing a romantic interest and asking them to Slow Down. I think a line in the 3rd verse is my favorite “You got that poker face that always keeps me guessing but it gets me to your house on time.”

You’ve traveled extensively in your past, recording music in California, Miami, Pennsylvania… What’s been the biggest difference you’ve noticed between the music scenes of these areas?

Yes I have traveled to far places pursing my career. California at that time and I believe still is was just loaded with beautiful talent from all walks of life. The musicians were always willing to teach and help each other. I remember getting some playing advice and jam time with a keyboardist who went to become quite famous. But at the time it was just some friends playing songs and having some fun. 

Miami is a great city, really fell in love with the Latin sounds and rhythms. Miami is quite diverse and again the musicians, just beautiful people. Pennsylvania has some great rock and blues players some of whom are world caliber players. Love blues and I have been able in Pa to get on stage and just improve with some of the best blues and rock musicians. Philadelphia boasts some pretty big names in music, Hall and Oats just to name one. Nothing like Philly Soul to make your days go better.

What’s the biggest value K O C would like to bring to the modern music scene, and what do you think the industry at large needs to be doing differently at this time?

Diversity – I write music in a lot of different styles and sounds and I think when people come to a Kings  of Carlisle show they leave with an experience of emotion through many different sounds.

I think the music industry would be wise to open the door for many indie artists. More radio stations should be willing to play unsigned artists, and streaming services should find a way to pay artists more than one third of cent per stream.

Independent artists work hard, they don’t always have access to the latest and greatest equipment and players. Yet they are out there playing and writing for the love and passion of their art. There is some amazing talent – even the Beatles were independent artists at one time. 

What’s your plan of action for 2024? 

2024 will be exciting and amazing with  new songs to be released next year,  I think my song writing catalog is currently close to 100 songs and I will be adding to that moving forward. Also have exciting things planned for live performances. Thanks for you interest brothers and sisters much love going out to you!

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Look out for Slow Down from October 27th. Visit the Kings Of Carlisle Website for more info.

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