Hannah Gold - "Rapping allows me to show different emotions, I'm able to focus on feeling the lyrics instead of hitting the perfect note." - Stereo Stickman

Hannah Gold “Rapping allows me to show different emotions, I’m able to focus on feeling the lyrics instead of hitting the perfect note.”


Creative pop singer and artist Hannah Gold lights up the summer with a fresh twist in style – her new single Alone showcases originality and faultless performance versatility.

We caught up with Hannah to find out more about the release, and her plans for the rest of the year. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Hannah, hope you’re doing well! Huge congrats for the release of Alone, undoubtedly one of your best. It also feels like a significant switch in style for you. What was the inspiration behind the performance aspect of the track? 

Hi, thank you! I wanted to mix things up with this one and give listeners a different taste of what I can do. I have always loved rap music so I wanted to incorporate my own R&B-Rap style into some of my songs.

I am a versatile writer and performer. Instead of cornering myself into one genre like most artists do early on, I prefer to step outside of the box, fuse multiple influences, and create something unique!

For me personally, I find rapping to be a poetic way of releasing pent up emotions and frustrations. Whenever I perform Alone, it feels like I am getting something off my chest. Rapping allows me to show different emotions because I am able to focus on feeling the lyrics instead of hitting the perfect note.

The hook is beautifully haunting and contrasts the pace and grit of the rap verses really well. How did you come to write the song, and was it a therapeutic process for you or is the story less personal and more for your audience? 

Writing Alone was very therapeutic; it felt like a nice release. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed by various circumstances and really wanted to escape someone’s presence. I was feeling an invasion of privacy, I was annoyed, and I just wanted some time by myself to do whatever I wanted.

The feelings I channeled while writing Alone encompassed a variety of moments similar to that one; moments where I felt out of place, moments where I wanted to get away, and moments where I simply needed some “me time” to feel better. Alone is absolutely open to interpretation for the audience, and I challenge my listeners to discover their own personal connection to the song. It can mean lots of different things! 

When They Always Come Back I Run Away to be Alone 😉

Do you consider genre and style when you create, or does the songwriting just take you on a journey depending on the mood or emotions involved? 

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Each song has its own journey. When I intentionally write, I typically start with a beat and build the lyrics and melody out in my head. I put my headphones in, play the beat on repeat, and I write the lyrics down as they come to me in my songwriting journal or in the notes app on my iPhone. With each verse and chorus, I record myself singing the melody as a voice memo so I don’t forget it later. Finally, I get in the vocal booth and record for real!

When I write casually, it’s typically whatever comes to my head at that moment. So when I start from a beat, the genre and style is intentional but when I write sporadically in my head, my mood and emotions determine the outcome.

Were you nervous at all to rap the opening verse or to release the song given the new fusion of styles? 

I wasn’t nervous, I was excited to introduce my listeners to a new skill set of mine. I actually feel more comfortable performing in the rap genre because it puts less pressure on me to hit a perfect note.

I grew up playing the drums, so rapping comes easily to me because it allows me to tap into my intuitive rhythmic abilities. I tend to tap my foot along with the beat out of habit! The next song I am releasing in July also features similar rap elements so stay tuned for more of this style…

What was the idea behind the video? 

My first two music videos for Run Away and They Always Come Back have essentially been short films that tell mini stories. For Alone, I decided to take more of a traditional, cinematic music video approach. I wanted to portray a dreamy vibe where scenes flip between reality and an altered daydream-like state. There are scenes of me walking around a busy street craving an escape until my mind transports me to the forest and into nature.

This video is meant to represent moments when we are so caught up in the chaos of our busy lives that we tune out and imagine ourselves in some type of utopia. I often find myself zoning out with my own thoughts during moments where I want to be alone or away from my current surroundings. The video is meant to symbolize an escape from reality into my own thoughts and dreams. It represents the feeling of this lyric: “I just wanna be alone…”

Last time we spoke you mentioned your EP, how’s that coming along?  

The EP is coming along really nicely! All of the songs are recorded and ready to go. I will be shooting three music videos next week for songs on the EP and will be curating a lyric video for a fourth song. The whole project has been really fun to work on and I’m excited for the world to hear what Hannah Gold can do! 

I will be releasing one more single, You Ain’t Shit, in July before the EP releases at the end of 2022. The style of You Ain’t Shit is similar to Alone and is a total girl boss anthem. My ladies especially are gonna love this one 🙂

What’s the best way for fans to connect with you? 

Fans can connect with me on my Instagram @ITSHANNAHGOLD by commenting on my posts, sharing my song on their story and tagging me, or sending me a DM. Fans can make videos using my songs on Tiktok and tag me @QueenHLG. They can also feel free to reach out via the “Contact Me” page on my website WWW.HANNAHGOLDMUSIC.COM 

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