Hannah Gold - "Never be afraid to love yourself & put yourself first." - Stereo Stickman

Hannah Gold “Never be afraid to love yourself & put yourself first.”


With a new single and video already making waves, we caught up with the one an only Hannah Gold, to find out more about the new track, what inspires her to write, and what her hopes are moving forward. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hi Hannah, great to catch up – congrats on the new single and video. There’s a slightly more quirky pop vibe to the sound of this than Run Away, what can you tell us about the creative process behind They Always Come Back?

Thank you! The creative process for They Always Come Back took place in Sarasota with a good friend of mine, Ètienne J. Porter. We committed ten days to creating a portfolio of new music from scratch and They Always Come Back was one of the first songs we wrote.

We started by building out an R&B track together and then I played each section one at a time on repeat over headphones while writing lyrics in the notes app on my phone. Once I finished writing, I hopped right in the vocal booth and we started recording! They Always Come Back was completed after one hard day of work.

What inspired you to write about this topic?

This topic is something I’ve discussed with many friends going through breakups and situationships. I’ve always noticed that once you stop talking to someone – whether it’s a hookup, fling, boyfriend, or husband – they end up coming back into your life at some point in the future. It doesn’t necessarily mean this person will try to get back together, it just means that they will almost always reach out at some point in the future for whatever reason.

A lot of my friends assume that when they break up with someone, they are losing that person “forever”. I always encourage these friends to focus on themselves instead of desperately begging for someone back. I always reassure them not to worry because “they always come back” one way or another…

This topic also relates specifically to toxic relationships and cycles of abuse. They Always Come Back is meant to encourage listeners to love themselves, trust their intuition, and find the strength to move on from a negative situation. Don’t worry; once they see you doing well, they’ll come crawling back 😉

The trap rhythm injects a contemporary edge and contrasts the softness of your vocal performance well, there’s also a subtle air of nostalgic RnB to the melody – are you inspired by other genres than pop, any influences that might surprise listeners?

Yes! I love listening to all types of music. I am inspired by EDM, rap, gospel, alternative and Latino music, to name a few.

Who would be your dream collaborator in music, and why?

I would love to write a dreamy pop song with James Arthur but I’d also love to go hard on a Pop Smoke hook or write an alt pop track with Billie Eilish. My dream R&B collaboration would be with The Weeknd, Kehlani, and Justin Bieber. I think that it’s beneficial to be versatile throughout a variety of genres and I want to eventually showcase all of the different styles I can work across.

Do you have any live shows lined up in the near future?

I don’t have any live shows scheduled yet, but I am in the works of booking a few small performances for later on in the year. Once my full EP drops, I plan to perform a lot more, but for now I’m mainly focusing on developing myself as an artist and building a fan base.

What else do you have planned creatively for 2022?

You can definitely expect a few more singles and music videos dropping in upcoming months! I am also working on some new merchandise that will be dropping soon. I am planning on some creative collaborations with other artists and producers in upcoming months. Stay tuned 🙂

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Never be afraid to love yourself and put yourself first. Never be afraid of losing someone because if the relationship is really “meant to be” you will always find yourselves back together or it would’ve worked out the first time around. ALWAYS remember that you are beautiful, you are amazing, and YOU ARE LOVED.

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