El Mo3 - "Experimental listening is what helps me gain new perspectives & allows me to begin a project." - Stereo Stickman

El Mo3 “Experimental listening is what helps me gain new perspectives & allows me to begin a project.”


After an impressive first half of the year, producer and artist El Mo3 is back with another brand new single. We caught up with him to find out how things have been since the last release, and what the inspiration was behind Morgan’s Mirage. Here’s the conversation in full.

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Hey – great to chat with you again! Congrats on the new single.

Gasmask was a notably intentional track that made a statement about sobriety in music. Obviously the new song incorporates your name, but what does Morgan’s Mirage actually represent for you – what inspired it?

It’s wonderful to be able to have this conversation again!!

So, Morgan’s Mirage is a tool used for me to branch off into other genres of music. Fata Morgana is a type of mirage that is basically a mirage inside of a mirage.

This is me letting fans see that I’m embarking on a musical journey that’s not progressive EDM but more house-tech.

I’m madly in love with Dennis De Laat who produced Sound of Violence. Just when you think the build is going to transition into something more it stays the same with a few added elements. I incorporated that kind of production in Morgan’s Mirage.

How do you go about crafting a six-minute plus instrumental – what are the main qualities you try to capture?

I listen to music 85 percent of the day and I am always listening to different artists. Experimental listening is what helps me gain new perspectives and allows me to begin a project. I’ll take one craze and I’ll try to add my own touch.

How has this summer been so far for you as a DJ, and what do you have planned for the near future?

It’s been fantastic!!!! Recently I DJed at 1Oak, which was like a dream come true. Being on stage seeing people dance to what I am playing is euphoric to say the least.

Also, I’ve released four new songs that have all had some buzz. I’d say this summer is going very well!!

Will you be collaborating with any other artists in the coming months?

Right now I’m reaching out to producers and seeing if they are open to collaborating. I love Mau5Trap and I’m hoping one of the artists on that label can work with me.

Where would be your dream venue to perform?

Tomorrowland would be beyond anything I could put in words. Realistically, I’m hoping the next Ultra Miami.

Who is your main artistic inspiration, and if you had the chance to meet them but only ask one question – what would you ask?

That’s a tough question. Personally my favorite artist is kaskade. It’s not just his music that inspires me, but the family man he is and how he got successful before the internet is truly inspiring for artists like me who have the drive and now the internet.

I’d ask him – How does he balance being Kaskade and being Ryan Raddon?

What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

I was a really good baseball player. When I was 13 my teammates were all 17 and over, most went on to play MLB.

What’s next for you?

Now that you understand what Morgan’s Mirage means, you’ll just have to keep guessing.

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