chizzyy - "I feel like with versatility, if it’s making it or listening to it, you can never have enough and can infinitely enjoy what you love." - Stereo Stickman

chizzyy “I feel like with versatility, if it’s making it or listening to it, you can never have enough and can infinitely enjoy what you love.”


Pairing an elusive online presence with a fast expanding repertoire of original songs, creative artist chizzyy intertwines mystique and vulnerability, with a distinctly revealing and eclectic approach to modern music.

We caught an interview with the artist, to find out more about his journey, his focus on work ethic in music over social media building, and his plans for the future. Here’s how it went.

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chizzyy – what a pleasure, thanks for your time! To set things up, where are you right now, and what have you been busy with this past week?

I’ve just been at work working and at home recording. That’s pretty much what my life is lately. Finishing projects that I’m releasing soon and working on others for the future as well. Been pretty chill, prioritizing music now so nothing special yet

Your music is impressively creative, sound design as important as concept and melody, as vibe and pace. How long have you been an artist, and who or what first inspired you to start?

Fun fact, my mother (for some reason) held headphones with music playing to her stomach when she was pregnant with me. I pretty much have been involved with music my whole life. My father plays instruments in his different Latin bands so since an infant, I always would play for example the drums with him just as a way to bond.

At around like age 4, right before moving to America, I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. Speaking of my father’s bands, I used to even perform on stage during their breaks between sets dancing Michael Jackson songs, wearing a similar looking outfit with the hat and everything haha.

So basically I’ve always been around music in some way but never was sure of making my own. I’m pretty sure the first ever lyrics I wrote were in 2017 when I wrote a remake of XXXTENTACION’s Dead Inside Interlude. It wasn’t much and I also have no idea where they are because it was on paper, but I do remember doing it.

I have been writing ever since and it wasn’t until around 2020 that I started recording. I had no equipment so I decided to record on my phone (wasn’t amazing of course). Around that time a lot has happened (which would take too long to mention) that made me get used to it and even learn new things by myself.

Listening to music forever of course made me find my main inspirations for music. From a young age, my father put me on to old school Hip-Hop like the classic 2pac, Snoop Dogg, etc. I also then got introduced to like a more Pop sound such as Michael Jackson of course, Craig David, Justin Bieber, and others.

Getting older, I started to get to know many more artists myself. For a long time, my 5 favorite artists have been XXXTENTACION, NAV, Post Malone, Billie Eilish and Sabrina Carpenter. They all inspire me differently. Many more artists also inspire me but these have been the artists that have inspired me for the longest time and the most.

209 is one of your most streamed tracks. A cinematic explosion of ambience and intensity united. How did this song come to be, and what does it represent?

This was a very unexpected song to even make. I’ve always been doing my songs solo, without other artists for a specific reason but I love including people around me into things I do to have a unique experience. So I got to ask someone to be a part of something with me.

My friend was going to come over to hang out somewhere but I was recording while he was on his way. When he arrived, I felt like inviting him to record, so I did. I had a verse written down first but it didn’t go too well. So we scratched that idea, looked up a beat from one of my favorite producers at that time and it just clicked.

Basically 209 is a saying of one of his favorite UFC fighters and he just said it all the time. So to make the recording easy for him, I told him to repeatedly say that in a fun way because I know he has energy. Same for the adlibs, just told him to have fun. I then did my verse a couple of days later and that’s it. First I had a whole project planned that was supposed to be filled with songs of me and a friend in every song but that never got to happen I guess. So I uploaded it as a single and then months later to the album ‘summer tape’ because it fit that album’s purpose.

Then for the likes of vashti we’re guided by intimate acoustic guitar fingerpicking. Are you a trained musician, producer, or just a fan of all kinds of music and happy to be versatile?

I wish I could play instruments fluently. As I mentioned before, I was always around music but never knew yet what exactly would be the thing I would be best at. I chose recording vocals of course but I would love to learn music production. I’ve made a couple of beats here and there but still want to improve.

As for being versatile, I love being that. I love to express myself in different ways, with different sounds so that I can target different audiences. I feel like with versatility, if it’s making it or listening to it, you can never have enough and can infinitely enjoy what you love.

Last year you released the project summer tape – what was the process like creating that album, and how does it feel to listen back to it now that you’ve moved on to new pastures?

This album wasn’t meant to be anything special. I just wanted a specific sound for that project. Simply said, I was just aiming for an album that can be listened to on a sunny day or warm night, during the summer with some positive vibes to enjoy.

It’s not one of my favorites but I did have fun with the process of making it. Definitely want to play on making a way better one for another summer haha.

Your latest single I miss this kid – different mood again. What was your headspace like during the making of this, and why the edited photos for the artwork?

This is a single for my next project the beauty of being sad, which is a sad album produced by one producer. My goal with this one was to remember how times were as a kid. Not to get all sad in this interview but I feel like most of us miss how ‘simple’ or fun our lives were as a kid. So this song is basically my vision of my personal childhood.

As for the cover, it’s a collage of old pictures of me in the time that I’m talking about. Black and white to represent the past and eyes censor to make it a little mysterious. The album it’s going to be on is set to be my next project out which will have a similar sound to this song but of different subjects such as losing friends, wanting to reach goals, feeling alone, etc.

You’re yet to post anything on your Instagram account. How important is social media to what you do, and what are your biggest hopes for your music and presence in the scene over the next year or so?

I’m a very shy person. I don’t like to show much of myself for the whole world to see and not only that, I don’t really like something of me to be judged by something else of me. Since music is my priority, I want people to base their opinions about me based off my music first since that’s how I express myself best.

Unfortunately, I do understand how important being huge on social media is for a career like mine but I don’t want to take action in that direction just yet if I can try something else first. I don’t have a team or anything so I do want to take my time in making decisions of leaving behind unnecessary blueprints and things of that nature. Of course, I would want to be huge on social media, purely to get my music heard but for now, it’s a challenge that I’m facing, making the right decisions and being comfortable.

Is live performance a big part of your plans, and if so, where can fans catch you on stage?

Ironically enough, I don’t think of performing on stage at all despite me already doing it at a young age. It’s just the fact again of me being shy and not wanting much eyes on me. I would love to do them if I ever manage to become a huge artist and be able to do so, but for now, I don’t think much of it.

What would be your dream venue or event to appear it, and why?

Since I don’t think much of them, I don’t know much about them. I do know where my favorite artists have performed and it all looks amazing but I actually have ‘dream interviews’ instead of ‘dream performances’.

What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given?

I feel like the only advice someone needs is the classic ‘believe in yourself’ one. It’s generic and vague but that’s all you need to do to get to where you want to be. I’m a person who also loves to give advice but doesn’t necessarily do them themself, so I guess my own advice is useful aswell, just trying to work on accepting my wrongs, too.

Is there anything else we should know?

I never know what I should mention, I love getting questions to answer them to explain certain topics. I guess I’m just constantly working on music, planning on expanding my fanbase, my quality, etc. What I know now is that this is my passion so no matter what case it may be, I will always make music and share it with the world.

My goal has always been to connect to people through music in a way that music has with me because that feeling is truly motivating. I want to make people feel heard and understood. My next project will be the sad project and the one after will be a fun and colorful one. I thank you for your attention and hope I become a casual on your playlist! Much love.

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A big thank you to chizzyy for his time & insight. Find chizzy on Apple & Instagram.

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