AnimalX - "If you can't hold your head up high in an empty dive bar you don't deserve to play in an arena. So to us it doesn't matter, it could be a carpark for all we care." - Stereo Stickman

AnimalX “If you can’t hold your head up high in an empty dive bar you don’t deserve to play in an arena. So to us it doesn’t matter, it could be a carpark for all we care.”


The distinct sound of grunge trio AnimalX reaches new peaks with the launch of their unmistakable single Love Yourself.

We caught an interview with the West Australian group, to find out more about their songwriting process, their intentions as a band, and where they hope to take things. Here’s how it went.

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Hi guys – what a pleasure, thanks for the interview! To introduce things, where are you right now, and what have you been busy with since 2024 ticked into view?

Hey mates! thanks for having us, we are currently in Perth Australia!

We’ve been busy getting some new songs for the album ready, it’s always such a long process haha.

Let’s talk about Love Yourself – a huge track and pretty unforgettable once you’ve heard it. What came first in terms of concept, riff, energy, the hook, etc, and what inspired you to write this one?

Thank you! We love that you like the track!

The energy in your world has to be just right at that precise moment, and you have to be ready to give yourself over to receive the gift of song, and you need to be willing to work for it.

None of that other stuff really matters, in terms of concept, riff, energy, the hook, because that stuff just sort of happens naturally and not forced if it’s a pure effort to get your feelings into an artefact.

It’s almost impossible to write a song that you’re willing to sing over and over forever, but some songs just feel right and every time you play it you get this tingly magical feeling; like there’s some strange power in the chords that were chosen, and they way they were played was just meant to be.

This track in particular was inspired by punk rock in general, the vibe and the lyrics were a sort of nod towards finding self love and how important it is to reach that place every once in a while, even if it’s hard to find at times.

The riff has a kind of Pixies tone to it. Do you each contribute equally to how a track sounds; do you just jam it out and see how things go?

Not really, I mean sometimes we work on each other’s ideas, but Mick normally just comes in with the song done and we bang it out!

What’s the grunge and alternative rock scene like where you are, and does it feel like rock is finally getting the bigger re-emergence it deserves lately?

Hmm… Grunge is getting bigger here definitely, I’m not sure it really ever died here on an underground level. There’s such a diverse music scene over here, but there is definitely a thriving underground scene of heavy bands, we love playing with hardcore bands, that scene is pretty big here, we just kind of flirt around where we are accepted haha.

What’s been the main change you’ve seen as a band since the release of your debut Simplify Your Life?

The shows are getting bigger, and the feedback from that album has been great so far, so there is good energy around the project for sure.

You’ve stated that you’re not sure if another full-length album is the way you’ll go, but maybe just release songs, videos, and short projects intermittently. A lot of acts have seen huge progress and audience growth with that approach. Does it also help with your own creativity and focus, your enjoyment of the process, to keep things on a day-to-day basis?

Absolutely! Taking things slow and piece by piece has definitely helped with creative flow and productivity. Without that self imposed pressure to perform. the songs can come more naturally into fruition.

It’s funny we said that, because after we made that comment a whole bunch of songs were recorded in the studio spontaneously and now we have another ‘Album’ of songs done! Which is crazy, they just came out so fast!

What will be your ideal venue or event to perform at, and why?

Well if you can’t hold your head up high in an empty dive bar you don’t deserve to play in an arena. So to us it doesn’t matter, it could be a carpark for all we care.

What’s the best thing about being in AnimalX?
Spreading good vibes around the world. Having the ability to express ourselves through an art form and live performance, it feels good to have a project you can pour your energy into!

Thanks Guys!

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Download or stream LOVE YOURSELF. Find AnimalX on Facebook & Instagram.

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