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Called, with Moriah Kofsky (PODCAST)


“What does it cost the individual and collective to accept a culture that profits when we abandon our purpose?”

* * *

Moriah Kofsky digs deep into human existence and potential with a series of podcast episodes designed to uncover the impact of following and conversely steering away from your natural calling in life.

Featuring a plethora of interviews with experts from fields ranging from neuroscience to psychology and beyond, with guests including Jessica Dore — a social worker merging psychology and mysticism through tarot – and the Philadelphia Death Doula Collective – the podcast attempts to challenge the norm, question popular culture and modern life, and lay bare the true essentials and meanings intended for a human being.

Though still in its early days, episodes of Called already prove insightful and fascinating, even inspiring, to experience. Touching on topics ranging from healing to happiness, travel, nature and restrictive contemporary cultures, the show takes a professional and compelling approach to uncovering the depths of life in a beautiful and vastly appealing way.

These sessions seek to inspire and motivate listeners to turn towards their natural alignment in life. They offer relevant books, leaders in the field, ideas and actionable advice, as well as delivering an array of real-life stories that captivate and energize.

Moriah’s own story is a big part of that in a recent episode (Episode 6), as well as right back at the start during Episode 0, and these turning points help really uncover the authenticity and heart that prompted the making of this podcast. Well worth exploring.

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