Designed for and dedicated to reminding listeners not to suffer bull-sh*t or waste their time with insecurities, Under The Bodhi Tree is a brilliantly relatable, refreshing and honest look at what really matters in life, and what it takes to find true happiness and self-belief.

From meditation to self-love, from leadership to choosing your own reality, from love to learning and working out your ‘why’ – A Positive Mind with Positive Vibes is every bit as inspiring and warming as you’d hope. Well worth tuning in for this year.

Speaking from direct personal experience in multiple areas of life and work, Anthony takes a mellow yet passionate and realistic approach to exploring the best methods for self-development and improving your quality of life.

Moriah Kofsky digs deep into human existence and potential with a series of podcast episodes designed to uncover the impact of following and conversely steering away from your natural calling in life.

Emerging as short, sub-ten-minute episodes, designed in a manner that invites a calm, meditative state, complete with soothing backing music, Wisdom Of Ages is a brand new podcast that aims to help listeners find actionable ways of coping with the changing and stressful times of our lives.

Patrick Hughes delivers a series of ten to twenty minute long bursts of inspiration and advice when progressing in life – taking action, making changes and logical choices when working towards your goals and dreams. Already an impressive 84 episodes deep, the show offers a variety of conceptual deep-dives, designed to help you reach your … Continued