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Universal Launch Royalty-Free Music Subscription Service for Content Creators


Reportedly the first major publisher to offer production music to content creators as a subscription service, the globally-renowned Universal have just launched a new service doing precisely this – providing claim-free music and sound effects for use in online videos.

While many smaller companies have thrived in this area until now, the launch of Universal’s new endeavor, designed to meet the needs of today’s dynamic creator realm, will undoubtedly reach many more individuals and teams across the board.

With subscriptions starting at $5.99 per month, Universal Music for Creators – built under Universal Music Production – promises to deliver over 50,000 royalty-free ‘top-quality tracks’, and 200,000 sound effects, backed by an active team of developers constantly sourcing the latest and greatest audio work.

Offering multiple tiers at various prices, from the ‘Creator’ to the ‘Creator Pro’, Universal Music for Creators covers start-up creators and bigger commercial brands alike, as they endeavor and continue to make content that appeals to the masses.

So what does this mean – easy access for the video creators, fair use and simplicity? Is it troublesome for the musicians who made the files? Or for the smaller companies who also provide these royalty free soundscapes? Let us know your thoughts.

Header Photo by Charlotte May.

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