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Tunelighting : PODCAST


The UK’s own Rob Wreglesworth and Jack Edwards host this unique deep-dive into the process of creating an original album from scratch. The music blogger and his co-host are six episodes in right now, with each release standing at around twenty minutes long.

Following a brief introduction as to how the duo met and ultimately got involved in music, including what the plan is with this podcast and how they hope it will go, the chat soon turns towards the details – forming a new band name, gathering up the right equipment and tech, finding online collaborators, and of course; writing songs.

While still very much in its early days, this is one of the most interesting and promising indie podcasts around, particularly given the short episode length and the fact that this process when finally compiled will hopefully shine an important light on everything that ultimately goes into making an album.

For the non-musicians, it’s easy to comment on how you haven’t had a new project from your favourites in some time, and for the artists and bands, it can feel quite isolating and lonely being lost amidst your own creative process for months or even years. In both cases, Tunelighting creates a level of awareness and realism regarding what it really takes to craft a new album from nothing.

The journey will be a year long, and the hosts will of course have their daily lives and other jobs to take care of along the way – as is the case for the vast majority of musicians out there.

The experience, honesty and openness both Rob and Jack bring to the podcast, helps really draw you in. Especially during the more recent episodes in which a few more technical details begin to come to light. The whole thing is an easy-must for aspiring or indie musicians across the board. They’re laying out a structure, and showcasing the steps that will, hopefully, provide a lasting template for anyone who wants to achieve the same goal. Well worth tuning in for!

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Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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