Embracing creative freedom and a deep-running love for music, SICKLUGGAGE have just reached their funding goal over on Kickstarter, and production will soon kick in on a broader scale as they tempt the world with their uniquely artistic, enjoyably retro yet simultaneously futuristic, customizable and portable Boombox.

Effectively bridging the gap between complex music education and children aged as young as three and upto six years old, Soundbops is an accessible and fun way to teach youngsters the basics of music, or in fact to make the notes and sounds of Western music an inherent part of their development.

Fresh from the Skoog Music offices, for the many who’ve tried and tried to find the time and dedication to learn a musical instrument – Skwitch is the world’s first one-button gadget engineered to allow anyone and everyone the luxury of making music.

Focusing purely on the fun, the creative aspects, LooperEYE have simplified the process, designing a brand new DAW-compatible product with multiple how-to and demo videos, at a reasonable price (currently under £200, with five days left to back the campaign.)