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Total Audio Converter – Convert almost any audio to WAV, MP3, OGG, etc…


Whether you’re a musician, producer, or simply a music fan, these days we all end up with some new form of file that isn’t quite what we need to take things through the next desired steps. As musicians, often times our recordings come through as WAV files – a common personal dilemma – and are then needed as MP3s on so many of the platforms we wish to upload to. Rather than scrupulously searching the web for the right down-loader for the job, Total Audio Converter has proven to be the top dog when it comes to audio conversion tools.

For the modern musician, recording music at home is standard practice. Many use Ableton, Logic, even Audacity, to pour music into the system and later to remold and release it as ready for the fans. If we’re honest with ourselves, the tech side of things sometimes falls in second place to the creative side. In today’s world, why wouldn’t we want to know the most efficient, effective way of doing things? Total Audio Converter simplifies the process of audio conversion without ever leaving you feeling as if you’re swamped with unfamiliar data or processes to follow. It’s an easy to use tool that makes converting files as accessible and quick as possible.

With simple to follow video guides and written instructions to match, converting any and all audio files has never been easier. There’s a simplicity to the process that’s easy to appreciate, removing the hassle of getting the right file for the job – whatever your next intentions with the music or audio file may be. This extends throughout podcasts, audio books, music, vocal files, and anything else we utilize as creatives on a daily basis.

Simply put, Total Audio Converter is everything the name promises. At the click of a button you can convert close to any files for just about any new purpose – to make it compatible with an additional device, to make the size of the file smaller, to change the bit-rate, to split albums by CUE and get individual tracks, to rip CDs, and much more. The program supports over 30 different audio formats, including some notably rare ones. An absolute must for audio creators and modern life enthusiasts alike.

Download Total Audio Converter or find out more here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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