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The Open Palm – Jerome Shaw (PODCAST)


Greeting the world with an Open Palm instead of a closed fist.

* * *

Jerome Shaw hosts the quickly calming and reflective independent Podcast The Open Palm (TOP). Designed as a show to bring together inspirational messages, thought provoking topics and ideas, and motivational themes, the podcast drives with a desire to help you achieve harmony with the world.

Those who seek a deeper spiritual connection with the Earth and a stronger understanding of life itself will undoubtedly feel right at home here. Jerome speaks with a beautifully soothing and meditative vocal style, amidst an ambient backdrop that gorgeously supports that state of calm and peacefulness.

A recent episode entitled The Field Of Silence makes for a powerful starting point if you’re new to the podcast. Jerome’s voice and his outlook make for an inspiring combination that’s blissfully easy to let fill the room. At the same time, his clear and honest intention to help listeners achieve a level of peace, to understand their role within the world and utilize their skills in the best possible way, is something that shines brightly throughout.

There’s an air of authenticity to his conversational yet considerate hosting, to the way he delves deep into spiritual concepts alongside of personal story-telling – he presents his own sense of calm in line with an open and somewhat vulnerable look at his past and the roads that led him to today. This is where things really get interesting and begin to build a notably stronger and more striking connection with the audience. The further into it you get, the calmer and more accepting of your own thought processes you’re likely to feel; as well as more united with and ultimately welcomed by the host.

The Field Of Silence digs deep into a particular quote, that All of humanities problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. Jerome leads you through his own thoughts on this concept in a motivational and uplifting manner, and it proves truly beneficial if you let yourself succumb to the experience for just a few minutes.

We spend time with ourselves every day – everywhere we go, there we are… but when was the last time you truly found yourself alone? 

Being that episodes are all roughly ten to fifteen minutes long, these are short bursts of inspiration that are easy to turn to whenever you need a little insight, a change in perspective, or a moment to breathe. Well worth discovering and I look forward to listening through the rest of the series.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Find & follow Jerome Shaw on Twitter & Instagram.

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