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Stand-Up Sermons (PODCAST)


Andy Konigsmark hosts the unique new podcast that is Stand-Up Sermons, a forum presenting short segments at ten to twenty minutes long, taken from Andy’s own sermons as a minister.

Andy’s approach confidently blends story-telling and humor with an inherent faith and knowledge of the bible and the values that a religious life focuses on.

Whether you regularly attend sermons yourself or not, these brief segments deliver inspiring, often uplifting, motivational monologues, loaded with stories designed to instill a sense of possibility, oneness, and faith.

Each episode proves a pleasure to listen to. Andy skillfully leads from a seemingly laid-back, fun approach, to an ultimately meaningful finish with a far deeper undertone. The episodes have the potential to leave you feeling far more capable of taking on whatever lies ahead, and also to remind you regularly of a higher power and your role within the world.

This isn’t the first time Andy’s faith and personality have intertwined in the public eye of course. He was a memorable feature on American Gladiators back in the day, as well as Ninja Warrior, and last year he took home $10,000 on CBS’ Million Dollar Mile. A natural entertainer, comedian, Presbyterian Minister, athlete, waiter and father, with an unwavering faith and desire to spread the word of God.

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Here is what happens when you give a microphone to Andy Konigsmark, a standup comedian who happens to be an ordained Presbyterian minister.

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