Scott Curtis hosts the comedy deep dive that is Behind The Bits – a podcast designed for and dedicated to exploring the tragedy and triumph of stand-up comedy.

Andy Konigsmark hosts the unique new podcast that is Stand-Up Sermons, a forum presenting short segments at ten to twenty minutes long, taken from Andy’s own sermons as a minister. Andy’s approach confidently blends story-telling and humor with an inherent faith and knowledge of the bible and the values that a religious life focuses on. … Continued

An independent podcast with a twist, an improvisation comedy production, bringing together the talents and personalities of Jerry Pancake, Christopher Robin, and Yolo Monte Cristo. Expect a hit of nostalgia as this eighties inspired talk show fuses humor and classic movie discussion in a free-flowing, unpredictable fashion. If you’re looking for something a little left … Continued

The Shoot From The Hip Podcast veers off down its own unpredictable pathways, pondering the big (and small) questions in life, in a manner that feels partly reminiscent of college chats & partly like a far more informed, specifically knowledgeable discussion between pros.

Delving deep into precisely the vast and spontaneous world implied by its title, the podcast sees the host and his friends transported into a medieval fantasy world, to be faced with a series of decisions and turning points that the real world just can’t really prepare them for.