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SICKLUGGAGE Wooden Boombox – Harvest 1, Shapeshift Edition


Embracing creative freedom and a deep-running love for music, SICKLUGGAGE have just reached their funding goal over on Kickstarter, and production will soon kick in on a broader scale as they tempt the world with their uniquely artistic, enjoyably retro yet simultaneously futuristic, customizable and portable Boombox.

Politely attacking our contemporary throw-away culture, intending to bring people together and overcome the modern isolation that tech and music streaming has helped implement, SICKLUGGAGE is set on reigniting the passion and unity of a simpler time. Their up-cycled and aesthetically satisfying Wine Crate Boombox Designs are paving the way for a brighter, more united tomorrow.

* * *

What we want is technology that brings us back to the human connection – from the drum circle at the dawn of fire, to the street heat of the boombox 90s. The risk is when we give up on our will to participate at all – to hear a new song together and share a new perspective.

* * *

A company driven by design, passion, a love for music and art – SICKLUGGAGE are branching out away from the small local vibe to bring their beautifully unique and unusual designs and ideas to the wider world.

Complete with interchangeable skins, the ability to connect two units for stereo sound, and a range of associated merch and additional benefits, Harvest 1 is the gift that keeps on giving. Well worth a look.

Find & follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit the SICKLUGGAGE Website for more information.

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