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Musikka – Discover the World’s Best Festivals


As festival seasons lingers, there are set to be a plethora of extended events that appeal to each and every music fan – from 24-hour dance parties to week-long musical retreats. The question is, where can you browse through the best options the world has to offer, without stumbling into a barrage of false-advertisements or less than impressive plans?

Sometimes the alternative, smaller or brand new festivals can be the true gems, but how can we be sure to pick out the treasures of the lot? An easy solution is the simple-to-navigate An invaluable resource when it comes to finding the most interesting and appealing festivals from across the globe.

From videos to themed listings and the most unique festivals around the world, Musikka lets you know whats happening, and helps you find precisely the festivals that are suitable for you and your friends or your family.

Whether it’s Ski Festivals you’re after, or family friendly getaways, resources like Top 36 Music Festivals for the Over 30s, 40s and 50s prove brilliantly specific when searching for your dream summer event. These illustrated guides lay out the imagery, location and line-ups, alongside the event’s history, audience types, after-show videos, and simple, reliable ticket links.

From the UK to France, Italy, Austria and beyond, from techno to world music, pop, rock, and everything in between. Musikka’s festival guides combine professional, detailed top-ten list formats with a brochure-like clarity, making this an easy option to browse through if you’re looking to book something unforgettable this year. Absolutely worth exploring.

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