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Zuko Hardy COLD


The UK’s own Zuko Hardy takes on the fast-paced modern scene with the dreamy and ethereal yet naturally motivational single COLD.

Leading with hypnotic production and trippy, ambient visuals of the city and the artist embracing the moment, COLD showcases a softly confident way with performance and a fine ear for melodic progression.

Feeling aptly in tune with the current emo-rap and alternative hip hop scene, the track follows the dreams and influences of the artist in an almost freestyle manner, but proceeds to maintain an infectious tuneful edge and structural security in the same instance.

Coming in at just two minutes and nine seconds, COLD sets the vibe and introduces Zuko’s vocal identity and flow without any filler or falseness. Blend in both a passion for the climb towards success and a simple love for the good times, and the whole thing offers a winning combination that’s easy to escape into for a while.

Versatility is a strength, and COLD emerges as relevant yet suggestive of further genre variations to follow – the natural world, cinematic detail, the vocal sound-play for that melodic hook, soulful and enchanting, the trap rhythm and heavy bass. Contrast works well throughout, and the words ‘I want it all’ ultimately linger indefinitely after listening.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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