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Introducing a creative artist with a clear talent for songwriting and performance alike, the EP Evolve makes for a bold and beautiful showcase of some of Zoser’s most reflective and immersive work yet.

With Intro we get a clear acoustic influence, soulful and simple, piano-led, reflecting on childhood and changing perspectives. Then with Another Mourning, the beat kicks in, the piano adopts a single riff repeat, the vocals are immediately familiar but the pace is quicker. Additional production details and harmonies help build a fuller, more engaging RnB sound. Still mellow – a beautiful way to follow on from the opener.

As much so as having honed his style down to a recognizable, calm and reflective core, Zoser writes in a consistently contemplative fashion. Evolve aptly details the process of growing, learning, changing, and remains focused for the most part on a loving sentiment – a perfect encapsulation of the qualities implied by its title.

Quarantine obviously intrigues for its relevance right about now. What we get within is a brilliantly joyful, upbeat and melodic hip hop track, which tips its hat to the days of Nelly and the feel-good anthems that made up much of our playlists. With each new track, Zoser further seals the deal as to his versatility, creativity and appeal as a refreshing new artist.

Wait For Us injects another anthem, this time with a mellow, thoughtful and heartfelt energy. Great songwriting allows the hook to quickly connect – this partly melancholic, partly optimistic section proving a satisfying moment of unity in between rap verses and story-telling.

The EP’s title-track Evolve follows and brings through another classic rap-pop anthem with a beautifully engaging, subtle yet rhythmically addictive vocal lead – and a dreamlike ambiance united with a thick drum sound. The distant vocals offer up a choir-like moment of depth, and the hook vocal, as it rises up into the ether, tops it off with a world-music chorus that’s brilliantly catchy.

At the final hurdle, a dash of simple fun meets with a creative rhythm and an eighties-esque, reverb-kissed production style, to see things out with an unpredictable bang. As thoughtful as ever, despite its easy title, Shake (Whatcha Momma Gave Ya) ultimately inspires a sense of self-confidence, appreciation for the beauty of life, and acts as a reminder that the journey is brief and should be enjoyed.

As always, the closing track is far from what’s expected – a lovable calling card throughout Zoser’s music. Each new section adds something artistically new to the process, helping make this a defiant highlight for its broad creative reach and freedom of expression.

An artist impossible to pigeon-hole, Zoser leaves listeners wondering what he might do next – where the music will take him, what production style it will adopt, which topic he’ll explore. A great singer, rapper, writer and all round artist. Evolve is a total pleasure to listen through.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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