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Zizurrp Make It Out


Authenticity leads the way as artist and songwriter Zizurrp tells his story from the heart and with musical precision to match.

Make It Out is a boldly passionate and melodically infectious new anthem, loaded with energy and intention, and featuring unmistakable vocals mixed cleanly and up front; for a naturally captivating, memorable hit.

Born and raised in Syracuse, Joshua Paul Drew is the creative behind Zizurrp – an artist with a breadth of loss to his story, but an undeniable edge of resilience and direction in the face of that. Make It Out speaks volumes on behalf of this devotion and indeed Zizurrp’s talent as both writer and performer.

The song is handled faultlessly, a full-rock soundscape blending pop-punk and contemporary hip hop and indie, with a fast pace and a tuneful backbone united across a brief yet striking lifespan. Within this, the vocals meander through various sections, almost rap-like on occasion but also quickly recognisable and enjoyable in the changing tone and intensity.

The build-up towards the hook is particularly interesting, original and lyrically revealing, then the resolve of that hook promises a moment of brightness and familiarity – an earworm that’s quick to work its magic.

The whole thing reaches for the heart strings and simultaneously uplifts and energises. It’s a motivational anthem of self-belief and possibility, and the unwavering truth threaded into this makes it all the more compelling and powerful. In addition, the production and professionalism on all counts is superb. I look forward to hearing more.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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