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Zhivago Beyond Good and Evil


Beyond Good and Evil makes for a quietly mighty introduction to the artist that is Zhivago. Produced by TheMartianz, the track presents a delicate and dreamlike soundscape that offers a calming backdrop for the reflective, thoughtful lyricism and performance that rides alongside of it.

Zhivago’s voice is the first thing to strike, the almost whispered style brings a certain realness with it – you want to listen for the emotion you can hear in the tone and the inflections on certain words, rather than for the more commonly known use of shouting or shock factor to try to reach people. This track subtly but surely demands your attention, and it’s lightly uplifting and undoubtedly inspiring in the process.

The sound of Zhivago’s voice and the softness of the accent makes his words pour through in a calming manner, perfectly in keeping with the mood set by the music. You listen to escape, and it works, though on the other hand – the more you listen, the more those words really start to stand out. There’s a definite level of character to the artist’s sound that quickly becomes unmistakable, but without depth or meaning that can be quickly lost in the noise of the world. In this case, every line, every word chosen seeks to express something heartfelt and deeply considerate.

Zhivago tells a story that aims to connect with all who hear it, the details aren’t exclusive, the language use welcomes all audiences – as does the underlying vibe of the track in general. The hook section in particular sees the mild intensity of the verses fall away to lay bare the central ideas of the piece. The second verse leans more in the direction of personal honesty, letting audiences get a better understanding of the man beyond the moment. Then later, the hook brings it back to you; all-inclusive, soothing yet softly motivational at the very same time.

Beyond Good and Evil is a beautiful track, thoughtfully and passionately put together, with a uniquely provocative concept and unquestionably good intentions. Well worth experiencing.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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