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Zero To Infinity Planet Earth


Fresh from their immersive and thoughtful new album Planet Earth, Alien introduces the dreamy and delicate yet uplifting sound of the UK’s own, aptly-named Zero To Infinity with equal parts character and skill.

Offering a unique setup and leading vocal tone, the song progresses through its organic pop-rock arrangement to deliver writing that intrigues and a melody that increasingly satisfies.

Add in a touch of spoken word, and some gorgeously soulful inflections, and the whole thing connects for its Eels-esque expression and colourful artistry alike.

The entire album follows a similarly colourful, melodically beautiful route. Me and You in particular adds a lightly mainstream feel to the collection, yet maintains that breathy lead and the conceptual personality that is so true to this band.

In a wonderfully saturated indie arena, Zero To Infinity have managed to capture a sound and style all of their own. I look forward to the live show.

On an interactive level for now, listeners are encouraged to leave the band an idea for their next single (for example: ‘an 80s love ballad about cheese’). If they use your idea, you’ll get a 33% writing credit. All you have to do is comment, then give your name and email. Get involved and leave an IG comment here. Check out Zero To Infinity via their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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