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Zenodro Identity Crisis: Part I


Spoken-word evolving into classic, smooth hip hop – with creatively spacious soundscapes to match – Zenodro delves into his identity as an artist with this EP, and connects for humanity and musical brightness alike.

1, 2, 3, 4 starts things up with style – simple and easy going, memorable for its quirky, pop-like hook. Elsewhere we get used to the vocal tone, introduced to the back story and personality.

Reminice keeps that voice at the forefront but changes the mood. Darker, more reflective, a quicker flow – this track injects new life and purpose into the project. Zenodro’s poetic lyricism impresses, painting images and scenes around the listener – offering an entire arena of nostalgia for you to lose yourself within. An inspiring highlight.

On A Roll seems like the trap-style heavy hitter of the project. Breathier vocals build upon an inherent darkness or late-night vibe that adds further versatility to the Zenodro catalogue.

Then we get the dance-ready energy and bounce of an addictive All Day All Night. Great production and fast-paced verses quickly invite a sense of carefree possibility, the good times. Another fresh flow and a slight change in tone for the subject matter. No stone left unturned.

Balancing positive vibes with underlying depth and intention, Identity Crisis: Part 1 is as complex as it is easy going. Hopeless redirects things from the party to the introspective, reflective and considerate. A captivating, passionate delivery, with a simple backdrop to really keep the focus on the voice and this performance. Another absolute highlight, expressive and unique in presentation and concept, with a totally unexpected, dance-pop groove for a hook.

Those retro dance synths light up the room all the more so as Tired pours through. Grittier vocals now, rising anticipation, lyrics that compel and hold attention with every new bar – with every new realisation about the protagonist at their core.

At this point it’s clear this EP is in its own league, Zenodro having plenty to say, and having the sharpness and integrity to say it in refreshingly interesting ways.

Things come to an end in a boldly poignant, heartbreakingly raw manner. Uplifting musically but heavy in topic, Wishing For The End Of Me reminds us of the EP title, the threads throughout these decidedly personal, unapologetically genuine tracks. Feel the energy of the soundscape, and the emotion of the lyrics, all at once. Powerful writing, an unpredictable style, genuine and likable.

Zenodro’s the name. Literary and conscious, upfront and open, provocative and comforting in his realness.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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