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Zen Juddhism Return Of The Juddha


From delicacy to distortion, calm to chaos, by way of addictive melodies and infectious drops into energy and rock and roll embrace – Zen Juddhism raise the roof and connect on a deeply human level, throughout this conceptually intriguing new album.

As an opening song, the superb Love Will Save The Day kicks things off perfectly well. An absolute anthem of a hit, utilising contrast to a stunning degree, the studio version satisfying with ease and leaving its presence and tune lingering indefinitely.

Next we get the superb energy of a fast-fingered rock classic Sing My Song. Accessible vocals lead with storytelling intimacy and build up brilliantly for each heavy rock resolve.

These are calling cards of Return to the Juddha, a fearless commitment to the pace and presence of authentic rock, with relatable lyrics and vocalists paving the way across a multitude of dynamic features.

Switching gears a little is the indie cinematic intrigue of Pain, an early highlight for its Britpop tone and opposing grit from the bass and guitars. A fine time to point out how musically faultless this entire album is – the performances from all involved showcase a band born to make rock music. The drops from mellow to manic work brilliantly, underling the unity between musicians and the shared commitment to the sentiments of each track.

We then get a twist of reggae rhythms woven into a poetic and wonderful Glitter, and things continue to veer off down various creative pathways.

Other highlights include the stylish contemplation and modern punk-rock charm of Never Alone, the synth-style guitar effect and melody of catchy pop-rock hit Get Along, (featuring the unmistakable Pammie, from Love Will Save The Day), and the pure rock and roll swagger and story of I Am A Man.

All in all, this is a project worth listening to perhaps in a different order each time – the songs have weight as a playlist, but each one presents likable traits that reach out more strongly with each revisit. Choose any of the tracks, and there’s plenty to love about it.

Exceeding expectations by far, this album feels like a greatest hits collection for alternative and classic rock fans alike. Fantastic, a real pleasure to turn up loud and drown out the weight of the world with. Here’s hoping the tour starts soon.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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