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Zen Juddhism Love Will Save The Day (Feat. Pammie)


Pristinely high resolution visuals accompany this indie rock anthem from the UK’s own Zen Juddhism, resulting in a contemporary release that’s heartfelt and notably relevant to the times.

Far from the calm implied by the Zen aspect, the new Zen Juddhism single Love Will Save The Day is a rock hit with a hugely impactful hook – distortion kicks in, the vocals peak with the crash of the drums, the volume intensifies. All the while, the song takes on a short-lined, memorable route in order to weave its way into your consciousness.

Somewhat alt-rock in riff and presence, the track contrasts smooth vocals from a featured Pammie, with the natural weight of the genre – for an ultimately engaging listen.

The production reinforces the accessible, pop-rock aspect, but the live aura resounds regardless – these indie vocals of character, the optimism of the lyrics in contrast with the melancholy of the musical backdrop.

Juxtaposition is a key part of the release, and for this reason it intrigues effectively – and provides a memorable insight as to the Zen Juddhism sound and style.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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