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Zay Gatsby New Reign


“The future’s looking bright as hell, so I might need some darker shades…”

Zay Gatsby pairs soulful, interesting sound-design with breathless bars and clean-cut vocals for this scene-setting, story-telling and motivational album New Reign.

His second album release to date, the project showcases a certain level of maturity in the flow, the wordplay, and the overall framing of concepts. Ain’t Finished is all of this, and starts things off on a bright, colourful and confident pathway.

Then we get a heavy hit of multiple-layers of dance-ready, anthem-like rhythms and synths for an explosive Barz, right before Solo King adopts a similarly striking, dark and distorted, creative realm – within which another outpouring of absolute self-belief and realism roam hand-in-hand. Already the voice is long-since recognisable – as is the flow and level within the mix.

Want Me switches gears a little, feeling more mellow, utilising an unusually delicate soundscape, and tipping its hat lyrically to the contemporary scene – during the hook at-least. The verses tell more of a story, captivate more effectively – they keep that image of the artist building up in the mind of the listener.

The music is strong throughout this project, and the vocals are fairly relentless, so you appreciate the occasional break from the weight of the lyricism. A Lil Somethin’ offers this to an extent, a stylishly experimental piece, with spacious vocals that hit more like a spoken word performance in some ways.

Top Spot is another anthem loaded with big dreams and a euphoric, synth-soaked backdrop that keeps the energy high. Get Loose follows and injects a powerfully fast vocal-line, alongside an intense siren that kicks off the heavy experience with a rightful warning. Not an easy track to take on in full with a single listen – lyrically dense, fast-paced, loud. A good display of versatility from Zay.

Power Is Power tells more of the story, holds attention for its third person narrative and hauntingly minimal beat. Then we get a final encapsulation of the album’s concept, as May You Reign brings things to a bold and driven finish.

Upfront vocals, more than a few memorable bars, and a leading voice that’s easily recognisable amidst the current hip hop landscape. New Reign speaks volumes on behalf of what moves Zay Gatsby as a modern artist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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