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ZAR Too Much Has Changed


ZAR is a 19 year old artist from Virginia (the 757), and Too Much Has Changed is a smooth and delicate single that showcases her passion and ability as an artist in a beautiful way.

Softly bringing together the emotion of soul music and the smoothness of RnB, Too Much Has Changed is a fairly minimalist and dreamlike song that lays its melody, ambiance, and sentiment before you in a subtle yet captivating way. Certain details within the production help give it a sense of musical character, but for the most part – it’s the artist’s leading delivery that drives the release in a genuine and soothing way. Her voice has a certain purity that carries the honesty of these lyrics in a notably authentic way. This concept of difficulty, of inevitable change and the effects it can have on people and relationships, is one that is relevant and accessible to so many, and it’s presented here as such, though it also comes through with a distinct touch of personal experience, and that adds an all important element of character and freshness.

In terms of the music, the ambiance is immensely easy to get into. The track has a laid back and calming vibe about it. ZAR’s vocal feeds into this mood gorgeously, the performance seems carefree and passionate all at once – it quietly demands your attention, whilst declaring this movement, this progression, this process of getting over something. The piano, the lightness of the beat, the added vocal moments, the melody, the softness – the whole thing works well in creating a very specific mood around you, and the truth of it all makes that effect even more enjoyable and memorable. Definitely one to look out for.

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