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Zander Wish You Well


Bringing together the simplicity of a ballad-like piano-lead and the contemporary stylings of heavy vocal effects and production warping, Zander gets expressive and creative, throughout Wish You Well.

Starting things up with chaotic sound-play but still implying a sense of emotion to follow, Wish You Well soon adopts its lasting patterns of piano and voice, for a meandering and deeply personal outpouring. The delivery is almost freestyle-esque to a degree, and proceeds to balance vulnerability and longing across a fairly raw recording.

Blending aspects of rap and melody throughout, Wish You Well is recognisable for its piano-line above all else. Alongside this, moments of quiet contemplation and calm are intermittently balanced with faster-paced hits of storytelling as the details and feelings build.

Vocally Zander puts in a devoted performance. The contemporary production choices overwhelm the natural qualities of the voice to a degree, but not so much so that it robs the song of its clearly sentimental purpose. The lyrics and presentation join forces in offering a sense of melancholy and overcoming all at once. As the story gathers momentum, so too does the mood of the music – the pace, the volume, the passion.

An interesting take on modern-day heartbreak and self-reflection, freshly released from the upcoming project Thoughts I Wish You Knew.

Download or stream Wish You Well here. Check out Zander on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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