Bringing together a crisp and classic hip hop sound, with a deeply conscious and topically relevant rap backbone, Abel Meri’s new four-track EP speaks volumes on behalf of both the talent and turmoil that stand tall in 2020.

Hip Hop

This is distinctly accomplished, and I imagine the vocal sessions alone must have taken a long time to write and organise. Impressive, and over far too soon.


Maryland’s Maji drives with a somewhat unsettling balance between smooth and rhythmic vocals, and a totally unpredictable, experimental display of soundscape design throughout this new EP.


As with Folk music, the instrumental and general contour of the melody repeats so that the most importance is placed on the text, in which Rebecca alluringly depicts an image of a Siren on the rocks, distracting those that are near, almost as if she is the siren herself.


The very concept of Balance is represented in every possible way on this track. Intensity is balanced with peacefulness, optimism is balanced with realness, melody is balanced with rap and rhythm. And all the while, the whole thing continues to rain down in an entrancing fashion.


Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and endless hours in the studio are no doubt the unsung marks on Ms. Marie’s resume. The soul is apparent, the sound is impeccable, and Yona Marie is a master at the helm.


The lyrics on this track are brilliant, the opening verse lays out a story-line of sorts – a personal narrative, delivered initially in a calm & quite melancholy manner; the monotonous daily routine seems to have lost its purpose & this shows in more ways than one.